Magento Testing

Increase Conversions with Bug-Free eCommerce Site. Enhance the page load time, user experience and mobile responsiveness of your website by delivering quality product to your customers. We maintain high quality assurance standards to accelerate the ROI.

1. Unit Testing
Validate the functionality of individual units of the code to determine if a particular module is working as per the expectations.

2. Functional Testing
Check the overall efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of the eCommerce website under various conditions before the launch.

3. Integration Testing
Perform integration testing to ensure a smooth, reliable and seamless interaction between your site and the third-party system.

4. JavaScript Testing
Test the JavaScript-powered elements of a Magento-based platform to see whether the site can provide a better experience to your end-users.



Our Magento Testing Approach

At NextRow Digital, we know exactly what you need to maximize the performance of Magento based applications. Our professionals began the testing process in the first stage of product architecture creation and continue until the software is ready to launch in the market. We follow a comprehensive approach to create a testing strategy that adheres to service level agreement (SLA) and is also in compliance with scope complexity and time constraints of the project.

Our QA team performs the testing for each line of code you write, fix the bugs and help your application become more flawless, convenient and user-friendly. We blend in with your DEV team for optimal results for new implementations/changes or work standalone when you need them to test. Our testing experts can also embrace your existing toolset or bring on our own as needed. We work hand in hand with your business and the engineering staff to ensure the best experience is delivered to your customers. With us, you can rest assured that your product will enter the market on time.


Why NextRow Digital
for Magento Testing?

NextRow Digital is known as a leader in offering end-to-end Magento Testing services to the global clientele. We have helped thousands of businesses and enterprises to optimize the performance of their Magento platform through unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, and JavaScript testing. 

As a leading provider of Magento Testing services, we perform an in-depth analysis of your Magento-based eCommerce application and understand your business goals to ensure your online store performs as per the expectations. Our experienced team of Magento testing experts uses the latest tools and technologies to detect the bugs/issues at the early stage and fix them before the product is ready to go in the market. With us, you can rest assured to deliver an excellent experience to end-users and we guarantee you to meet the expectations of your audience they have from your product.  Get in touch with us to discuss about our Magento testing services for your next project.  


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